This page is an ongoing tribute to the lives of friends and family lost on May 22, 2011, in the tragic tornado that struck Joplin at 5:41 pm.

These beloved fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, children and friends are special individuals who are part of the close-knit Joplin community. They will be forever remembered for their courage, love, and dedication to their families, their friends, and the City of Joplin.

While great care has been taken to be accurate, this information was taken from sources available at the time. Should you find errors please email to

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Ramey, Troy
Ramsey, Shelly
Randall, Lorretta L.
Rantz, Cheryl E.
Ray, Darlene
Reid, Virgil T.
Richey, Johnnie Ray
Robertson, Vicki Patrice
Robinson, Cayla Ann Selsor
Robinson, Keith Derek
Row, Margaret E.